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Little Way Farm and Homestead is operated by Mathew and Carissa Winters. In July of 2022, Mathew and Carissa, along with their children, moved from Cincinnati, Ohio to Southeastern Indiana – somewhere between Lawrenceburg and Madison. It had become a passion and desire to locate a place where a Farm and Homestead could be developed in order to develop skills honed by generations past and to provide a steadfast place of love and support for their children’s growth.

It is called a Farm because we are striving to develop a profitable business that provides nourishing and delicious food to all who come here. We are committed to producing a quality of meat and produce that surpasses conventional expectations and inspires charity.

It is called a Homestead because it is where our family is raised. The manner in which we seek to steward the land here at Little Way Farm and Homestead is aimed at supporting an environment where good food is plentiful, virtues are developed and the family is receptive to the supernatural virtues of Faith, Hope and Charity. 

Our animals are treated from a perspective of stewardship that recognizes the proper dignity bestowed upon them by God.

A majority of the produce grown at Little Way Farm and Homestead is considered heirloom and/or open-pollinated. This affords a degree of security and genetic diversity which allows customers and the farm to retain the produce seeds for the following season. Using heirloom and open-pollinated produce varieties also promotes various agricultural elements including varying flavor profiles, cultural elements and more. 


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The Catholic Faith

Little Way Farm and Homestead was established as a Farm on the Feast of St. Michael the Archangel in 2022. 


The name, “Little Way Farm and Homestead” is a nod to St. Therese of Lisieux, who is commonly associated with the phrase, “The Little Way.” Also known as “The Little Flower,” the manner in which St. Therese lived her life at service to God, is of great importance and significance to the Winters Family. St. Therese’s manner of loving God, submitting herself to His Will and humbly recognizing that all activities, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, can give honor and praise to God when properly ordered. 


It is our hope at Little Way Farm and Homestead, should God allow it, that this Farm and Homestead be a place of great joy and inspiration to others. Specifically, that the Farm produce the type of food that calls to mind the goodness of God and that the Homestead operate as a source of inspiration and steadfastness being hospitable and encouraging to all in the pursuit of Heaven. 

 St. Therese of Lisieux, pray for us. 

Farm and Homestead


The Farm at Little Way Farm and Homestead produces pasture-raised meat and heirloom produce. We sell direct-to-consumer and to wholesale purchasers. 

Are you looking for nutritious and delicious meat and produce for your family? We can help! Our lineup of pasture-raised meat currently includes pasture-raised whole chicken and soon grass-fed and grass-finished beef (Autumn, 2023). We are also beginning preparations to offer Pasture-Raised Pork, Turkey and Lamb in 2024. 

The Farm employs agricultural practices that strive to steward healthy ecology that may be referred to as “regenerative.” We believe there is mutual benefit between the development of forage, the rearing of animals and design of an ecosystem that supports itself. 

Our produce is grown without the use of synthetic chemicals and with consideration for the time of year. We grow produce that is both nutritious and delicious.

The Homestead at Little Way Farm and Homestead is dedicated to the promotion, education and inspiration of the family rooted in God’s Love. 

In many ways, it may come to better be known that the Homestead at Little Way Farm and Homestead is a Catholic Homestead. We strive to develop educational value that is rooted in love for God and one’s neighbor. Creating a place where culture can be rooted in a manner that gives honor to God and properly orders oneself to a joyous disposition – exemplifying a witness of charity. 

The Homestead is where much of the support for the farm occurs. From the inclusion of Farm-Fresh foods into delicious and nutritious meals, to the spirited hospitality of welcoming customers, friends and family, the Homestead strives to be a place of inspiration. 

It is also at the Homestead where the farm-strategy and direction is often considered. The Homestead, while also being our family’s actual homestead, is oriented towards being a place where welcoming and teaching can be balanced. While visits to Little Way Farm and Homestead are typically reserved to tours of the farm, the conversations between friends, family and customers often happen in and around the Homestead. 

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