Plant Biology, Gardening, Cultivars & More with Dr. Doug Darnowski

This interview was conducted between Mathew (Little Way Farm and Homestead) and Dr. Doug Darnowski of Sts. Therese and Isidore Farm College. The discussion covered an array of topics pertaining to growing plants and plant biology. This interview is fast-paced and opens the opportunity for consideration of how to best plan, cultivate and harvest crops for homesteading.

Grow Garlic on the Homestead

How to Grow Garlic Garlic is an amazing, powerful and potent ingredient in any homestead kitchen. Not only is the pungent and spicy flavor profile of garlic well recognized and […]

Farm Update: Week Beginning September 24, 2023

Weekly Farm Update from Little Way Farm and Homestead. Little Way Farm and Homestead is located in Southeastern, IN and is a Regenerative and Educational Farm inspired by the Catholic Faith.

Where is a Homestead?

Oftentimes the homestead ideal is pictured far off in the country – away from the congestion and noise of city life. This could be accurate for some people, some families […]

What is Catholic Homesteading ?

The idea of homesteading, certainly the term as borrowed from historical renditions, calls to mind picturesque agrarian practices – the prairie lifestyle. The imagery abounds with considerations largely of the […]

Why are Catholics Drawn to Homesteading?

The ideas and thoughts surrounding the Catholic Homestead seem to have experienced a certain resurgence in interest. It is evident that there are traces of such movements throughout history, even […]

Farm Update: Week Beginning August 27, 2023

We are excited to have you visit Little Way Farm and Homestead this month! We are officially inviting guests – friends, families and anyone else, to Little Way Farm and […]