Farm Update: Week Beginning June 04, 2023

We are certainly off to a busy start at Little Way Farm and Homestead in what we refer to as “Year 0.” This year (2023) is largely dedicated towards building […]

Farm Update: Week Beginning September 24, 2023

Weekly Farm Update from Little Way Farm and Homestead. Little Way Farm and Homestead is located in Southeastern, IN and is a Regenerative and Educational Farm inspired by the Catholic Faith.

Farm Update: Week Beginning August 27, 2023

We are excited to have you visit Little Way Farm and Homestead this month! We are officially inviting guests – friends, families and anyone else, to Little Way Farm and […]

From the Farm: Week Beginning 07/30/2023 There is so much upcoming we are struggling to keep up! We can only think that God is guiding us and the doors are opening in a manner that […]

From the Farm: Week Beginning June 26, 2023

[videopress eie96u3O] Farming certainly affords many lessons in discipline. We recently completed the first batch of pasture-raised chicken and much of it was sold even before processing! During the process, […]