What is the difference between homesteading and farming?

We covered a similar topic on a recent Podcast Episode of Ours available by clicking here

When we discuss homesteading, typically we are referencing a lifestyle that involves intentionally dedicating time towards the development, curation, inclusion and promotion of activities that support the fostering of human life, the development of a family and providing for oneself and one’s family’s sustenance and basic needs.  This might include growing plants for consumption, raising animals for meat, reducing dependency on societal and governmental programs and services (such as energy needs). For some people this could include developing trades and home-making skills (such as weaving, cooking, etc.) that support the functioning of the homestead. Some people will choose to use the homestead as a source of income (e.g., making and selling crafts, home-based vendor work and more). 

In contrast, farming is an intentional activity of producing agricultural products (such as plants, meat, herbs, flowers and more) for others outside of the homestead. This is an important distinction because farming is often a business-oriented process and it is critical to understand the relationship between expenses and revenue generation in order to build a successful business – including an agricultural business (e.g., farming). 

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