Backwater Foie Gras

About Backwater Foie Gras

We produce foie gras on a small scale using traditional, French methods.

How did Backwater Foie Gras Get Started?

Despondency when we lose livestock due to factors that seem to be out of our control, the joy of bringing something to the table of culture-building, the honor of passing on a high tradition, the unceasing struggle of commercial farming when it comes to something as simple as “making a living”. And so here we are: foie gras farmers in Southeast Louisiana trying to do something beautiful, trying to follow the old ways, working out our salvation in fear and trembling.

How does the Catholic Faith impact Backwater Foie Gras?

Farming (esp. for foie gras) is a good in itself. There is something mysterious about it even (in reference to the command in Genesis to bring forth from the earth), and it is a perfect paradigm for the development of a sound and closely-knit nuclear family. The attainment of virtue is always possible - and more likely - when there are very real consequences to a job on the farm being done well or poorly. The agrarian life and the traditional liturgical calendar were for each other, and interweave to form a tapestry that maps out a life well lived. I could go on.





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