Immaculata Farmstead

About Immaculata Farmstead

We are a regenerative homestead and heritage farm in East Central, Indiana. We currently raise dairy sheep, meat chickens, and layers. We also have a garden and small apiary. Our focus is to provide wholesome and healthy products from our family to yours. Our sheep are rotationally grazed and are 100% grass-fed, and our produce is grown without any chemicals or pesticides. We sell non-GMO chicken eggs, and pasture-raised whole chickens. We also have handcrafted sheep milk soaps, and are working toward offering additional sheep products; such as raw milk, wool, and meat. We are hoping to open an on-site farm store this year that will also include various handcrafted items. We strive to be good stewards of the land, and enjoy learning and sharing traditional skills with our friends and community. We look forward to serving “ewe” at Immaculata Farmstead! —The Bissonnette Family

How did Immaculata Farmstead Get Started?

At Immaculata Farmstead we strive to be good stewards of the land by preserving the dignity of God’s creation; from careful tending of the soil, to the plants and animals that inhibit it, you can feel confident and at peace about our farm practices. Starting with our All-Natural Sheep Milk Soap, we have been providing wholesome products to families across the United States since 2019. To those who are new to the farmstead, Welcome! We look forward to serving you. —The Bissonnettes +JMJ+

How does the Catholic Faith impact Immaculata Farmstead?

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