Little Way Farm and Homestead

About Little Way Farm and Homestead

Little Way Farm and Homestead is owned and operated by the Winters family in Southeastern, Indiana. Deeply inspired by the Catholic Faith, the Winters family strives to respond to God’s Graces through the witness of their farm, homestead and businesses. In addition to offering healthy and delicious pasture-raised meat, heirloom produce and more through Little Way Farm, the Homestead Training Center and Little Way Guild aim to contribute to the building out of Catholic-inspired businesses and homesteads everywhere.

How did Little Way Farm and Homestead Get Started?

We began our homestead journey years prior to the establishment of Little Way Farm and Homestead. Through the generosity of many family-friends we were welcomed into the homesteading lifestyle. This was combined with a passion for agriculture work, likely established in Mathew's childhood, that propelled Mathew and Carissa to consider establishing not only a homestead to provide for their family, but a farm to provide also for others.

How does the Catholic Faith impact Little Way Farm and Homestead?

The Catholic faith impacts the very essence of Little Way Farm and Homestead. The farm is hoped to be a vessel of evangelization and one that promotes inspiration in others. The farm's name is inspired by St. Therese of Lisieux and the Little Way is a point of discussion amongst visitors and guests.





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