Pierced Hearts Homestead

About Pierced Hearts Homestead

We are a Catholic owned and operated regenerative-farming homestead in Rising Sun, Indiana. (45 min from Cincinnati) We currently raise dairy cattle for milk and meat, sheep, hogs, meat-chickens, and layers. We also have a couple of large gardens. Our sheep and cows are rotationally grazed and 100% grass-fed, and our produce is raised w/o chemical fertilizer/pesticides/weed control. As a homestead, we are primarily focused on providing healthy food for our family and for our livestock, but we do sell eggs, produce and meat chickens, as well as our excess sheep and dairy cows. We are also hoping to open an on-farm store this year that will include chickens and eggs, but also baked goods, jams and other tasty items from our kitchen. We also are very interested in helping others to start homesteading, build community, and escape the modern industrialized-capitalist framework we live in so as to more authentically live the faith and experience true freedom.

How did Pierced Hearts Homestead Get Started?

Pierced Hearts Homestead is an 18-acre regenerative farm in SE Indiana and is owned and operated by Jennifer and Ken Zalewski. The farm was purchased in 2020 when the family moved from a suburban home near Cincinnati, OH in order to pursue their dream of farming, living a healthy lifestyle, building real community, and learning skills for self-reliance. Their goal is to rediscover the type of life people lived when they were able to provide the necessities of life for themselves and depended on their community for support and resiliency.

How does the Catholic Faith impact Pierced Hearts Homestead?

As Catholics, our faith informs all we do on the farm, and we believe that God wants to us to make the land He gave us productive and to share that abundance with others. We have learned that successful farming requires man to cooperate with the natural systems God designed in order for the land to produce an abundant harvest. The farmer's job is to apply his intelligence and mange\coordinate these processes, so they work in harmony to grow healthy produce and livestock, while at the same time improving the land for the next season.






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