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Ripley Cove Farms has been in the family since 1973. Chad and Christine Meinders, along with their three children, raise abundant pastures and healthy cattle. They are dedicated to producing the highest quality, nutrient-dense beef for their family and customers. Cattle are raised on regenerative, bio-diverse pastures until the day of harvest. The cattle are rotationally grazed, helping to improve soil health and upcycle nutrients while enhancing our ecosystem.

How did Ripley Cove Farms Get Started?

Farming is a long-held endeavor in the Meinders family. Chad is a 5th generation farmer who grew up farming with his family all before branching off on his own to manage a small herd of cattle in 2003. Christine had horses and spent her childhood and early adult years barrel racing. She joined forces with Chad in 2012, taking care of the herd and, with time, caring for their little farmhands, Chase, Blake, and Kylee. Their end goal, however, was always to get back to the family farm.

How does the Catholic Faith impact Ripley Cove Farms?

Striving to be good stewards of God's gift, the land, Chad and Christine began managing Ripley Cove Farms to raise better quality beef through better attention to the enduring, natural production system. Grounded in our Catholic faith and allowing God to lead us has given us greater knowledge and the ability to share with others. Time with the Lord and adoration have helped us navigate seasons and grow as a family. In the words of our middle child, "Farming is a lot like growing in your faith; both lead you closer to God."





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