True Fatherland Farm & Homestead

About True Fatherland Farm & Homestead

True Fatherland Farm & Homestead is the headquarters for Verax Patria, a non-profit focused on expanding Catholic Land, helping Catholic Families obtain land, learn traditional agrarian skills, and build programs of sanctification within their Domestic Church.

How did True Fatherland Farm & Homestead Get Started?

Anne and I began farming in 2023 which is the year we got married. We bought an old 64 acre farm and we currently raise forest-pastured pork, chicken layers, a dairy cow and her calf, and Great Pyrenees livestock guardian dogs. We are both Third Order Franciscans and our focus is Faith, Family, and Tradition, building a multigenerational Catholic Legacy while we grow in lives of prayer and penance. Our joy is to share this way of life with as many as are inspired to embrace a similar life. We focus primarily on building a subsistence farm while providing our over abundance of food to local Catholic Families and friends.

How does the Catholic Faith impact True Fatherland Farm & Homestead?

Our Catholic Faith is the reason we farm. The Catholic Social principle that the Family is the basic unit of society and a productive unit of society drives us to interact with the land with charity in our hearts toward God for designing such a beautiful world. We find a life of Ora et Labora is fostered on our land, we have a space to live a more contemplative life, gazing upon Christ and meditating more easily on Divine Things. From here we are set on fire with the Holy Ghost via His spouse the Blessed Virgin Mary, to go out into the world to share the joy of belonging to God The Father. Our true fatherland is in heaven, and we keep our eyes fixed there as we work to build here on earth what we see in heaven through Faith: Virtue and Charity in the persons who dwell therein. Deo Gratias!





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