The Chicken Processing workshop and the Family Farm Day Event have wrapped up as of this past weekend! What fun times both experiences were. We are very encouraged by the turnouts and are excited to continue to open Little Way Farm and Homestead as a go-to educational farm and touristic destination for Catholics and others to learn about homesteading and enjoy family-friendly seasonal experiences. 

This week we are processing chickens, preparing for the Back to Land Conference this Saturday (October 07, 2023 – use code Littleway for free tickets), and continuing to prepare for Winter. We hope to have the farm store online updated with any remaining chicken that has not already been pre-ordered. 

We are continually receiving inquiries and interest into exactly what Little Way Farm and Homestead is doing.  I will take a brief moment to write out a few thoughts regarding what we have done / are currently doing at this Indiana based farm, as well as what we are looking foward to beginning. 

1.) Pasture-Raised Meat: We raise meat for consumers to purchase that we believe is the best quality available. We only use organic, non-gmo and soy-free feed for our animals that require feed. For ruminant animals (e.g., beef), we strive to continually improve the pastures to provide nutrient dense forage. We are very particular about the mineral supplements we offer the animals and we allow treats that come from the farm only (e.g., a pumpkin for a dairy cow). 

2.) Heirloom Produce: We aim to become one of the premiere crop producers in Indiana (and the Midwest) for Garlic. We have already begun selling seed and culinary garlic direct-to-consumer, we sell wholesale and are interested in developing both of these enterprises. We have identified a few other specific crops we hope to specialize in as well. 

3.) On-Farm Workshops, Conferences and Tours: We are very excited to continue to invite guests to the Farm & Homestead. We believe this is likely an encouraging sign of what is to continue to develop as a primary activity of Little Way Farm and Homestead. This upcoming Saturday we are hosting the Back to Land Conference (October 07, 2023) and you can receive free tickets by using the code Littleway. We recently hosted a Chicken Processing Workshop and a Family Farm Day. Both experiences were encouraging, enjoyable and a wonderful opportunity to invite more people to the Farm and Homestead. 

4.) Podcast & Website: The Little Way Farm and Homestead podcast, in less than 60 days, has demonstrated downloads in over 25 states (United States), and 4 countries. It is currently ranked in Apple Podcasts with 5 stars and 1 extraordinarily encouraging comment. The website just closed September as its third month in a row with month-over-month traffic increase. These statistics are incredibly exciting, humbling and encouraging as it demonstrates to us that there is interest in the work of Little Way Farm and Homestead – on and off the farm. 

5.) Homesteading and the Catholic Faith: It is clear to us that there is a surge in interest right now, amongst Catholics and others, in the homesteading lifestyle. We believe this is not something that should ever be considered as fear-based, but of a greater emphasis on intentionality and the development of lifestyles that witness to God’s love for His Creation. This is where our passion really comes to fruition – we are encouraged to support Catholics and others begin their homesteading journey. We are interested in developing liturgical lifestyles that glorify God and help develop family societies that are faithful to the Catholic Church. 

6.) Speaking & Homestead Consultation: We are beginning to receive more requests for help – specifically assistance with regards to beginning homesteading and speaking engagements for topics related to agrarian lifestyles and the Catholic faith. This is an area we are developing quickly as it is becoming more apparent that this is one function we are receiving demand. Carissa recently offered a cooking workshop and Mathew two conversations regarding Beginning Homesteading and Raising Catholic Children on a Homestead in Southeastern, Indiana. 

7.) Videography and Content: Many people accessing our site will likely know of the LinkedIn presence maintained by myself (Mathew). We also generate occasional content that is accessible through Instagram and Facebook. We are developing a videography series now which will likely be released in mid-October or early November. I am very excited about this and believe it will serve as point of great inspiration with plenty of content that will be usable on-demand. We also have three book ideas in the works – we will keep this a bit more quiet until we are closer to the launch.

8.) Affiliates, Partnerships & Resources: In the near future there is expected to be a Resources tab available on the Little Way Farm and Homestead website. This section will help point people towards companies and individuals that we trust for homesteading and Catholic-related work. We are very meticulous when it comes to referrals and we seek to be a source of help. We are also interested in building out partnerships and affiliate relationships that help to develop opportunities for this work to continue, develop and thrive. 

There is a lot going on here at Little Way Farm and Homestead. We have a plot of land cleared that we are interested in building cabins on for visitors – if you are interested in this project let us know. 

– Mathew

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