We are in busy Autumn mode at Little Way Farm and Homestead! Having just returned from a Conference where both Carissa and I as presenters, we are tired but encouraged!

Have you taken a look at our Events Page? We are quickly updating our website to include a revised Farm Store, Events Page and more. In the next few days we expect to also have our Beginning Homesteading program prepared for new participants. 

Oh – We also have a videography series preparing to launch. We will be certain to keep the site updated as more information is available. 

Later this month we will be hosting a Chicken Processing Workshop and a Family Farm Day event on the Farm. We are excited for both and encourage you to join us. We will have pumpkins, squash and more for sale!  

The Autumn batch of pasture-raised chicken is nearing processing – less than two weeks (anticipated) to go! Inventory will be updated in the Farm Store (on the website) later this week. 

Have a great week!

– Mathew

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