Autumn is here, the most recent Ember Days have passed and we look forward to the upcoming month – full of exciting Feast Days, pumpkins and hot apple cider!

Our website continues to go through refinements and revisions. We are excited to open up the Farm Store later this week as we prepare to process another batch of pasture-raised chicken. This group of chickens was quite different than the spring group as we experimented with allowing the chickens to free-range. Often the marketing terms associated with meat are seemingly at odds with what we imagine. So, for clarity – when we say “free-range” at Little Way Farm and Homestead, we mean that the chickens are not restricted to one place or another for the majority of the day. This effectively means that if they want to walk a mile away from the coop area, so they may do so. It is probable that this has resulted in quite a few extra calories being burned while the chickens were able to explore more land for forage, bugs and sunlight exposure – we think the value considered there is worthwhile. 

Have you seen our Events Page? We are quickly updating our website to include a revised Farm Store, Events Page and more. We expect to maintain workshops and events in the upcoming year. We do expect to close down the farm for the season by November for a few months of rest. Well, of course we will still be taking care of farm chores!

Bonus Note – We have 25 more chickens arriving next week. We are enjoy having a variety of chicken breeds on farm and this group will continue that. We have two farm favorite varieties – Black Australorp and Speckled Sussex, as well as one new variety (Rhode Island Blue) which we expect to arrive late next week.

Our other projects will be kicked off shortly! The homestead consulting is also launching in October and we are very excited to reveal the videography series (this will likely be available via YouTube and elsewhere). 

We look forward to seeing many of you this Saturday!

Last Note: We had our first guest contribution posted to the website in the past week. The article was very good and we recommend checking it out! Here is a link: The Enriching Spiritual Experience of Ember Days by Matthew Chicoine. 

– Mathew

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