Unraveling information about banking collapses, bank-runs and more financial insecurity reminds us of the importance of local agriculture.

Largely, small-scale farms (those that exceed the quantities of subsistence farming) but are not scaled in a manner that would influence commodity markets (e.g., corn, soy, wheat, etc.) are increasingly rare. However, it does appear that there is some degree of movement towards rekindling the consumer’s relationship with local food and the more local the food the more possibilities for local agriculture.

This is one of the focuses of Little Way Farm and Homestead – to grow food and offer for sale value-added products, that can help to support the local community and beyond. A secondary focus is to encourage local agriculture and homesteading activities.

Food insecurity can largely be avoided in communities where climate affords agricultural productivity. And then, with proper stewardship and ownership, we can provide for the needs of our neighbors who find themselves in positions where there is a lack of nutritious food.

Not only can small-scale farming be profitable, but it can greatly support the development of community.

Interested in somewhere to start? Containers on an apartment patio or a small plot in a backyard with full sunlight can provide a reasonable amount of seasonable produce for one person.

Or – submit an internet search for “CSA near (insert location)” to connect with a local farmer.

If you’re near us (Southeastern, IN) we can help too!


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