Week Beginning April 30, 2023. 

It is evident from the nuanced shades of green throughout the farm – some expressed with the contribution of greater nitrogen from the winter grazing of chickens and cattle – that Spring is here. Albeit, this Spring is a bit chillier than expected as the final breaths of Winter continues to make itself known. The wood-burning stove is heating the house as I write this post. 

Despite the colder than  desired weather there is much to do this week. 

The Angus cattle calves are due to be weaned from their mothers and will join their own herd with the soon-to-be weaning calf of the dairy cow (Bertha). This will effectively create a bit of a logistical challenge across the farm as Bertha will remain in the Dairy Pasture, the newly weaning calves will spend time just north of the pond in the Meadow Region and the pregnant cows will enter a grazing pattern in the Forage Pasture. Fencing has become a critical component of farm management and we will be installing more specified fencing during the week including a corral at the southern end of the farm. 

We are also finalizing irrigation for the produce and gardens. We have opted to install an overhead irrigation system that mimics a rain pattern. There is much to discuss regarding irrigation and this method was chosen with considerations for a limited use of plastics, water availaibility and cost efficiency. It is exciting to see the irrigation turn on overhead the produce and watch in earnest exciement as the sprouts begin to break through the soil. 

In the preceding week we planted onions, chard, beets, radishes, lettuces, corns, beans,arugula, sunflowers and more! We expect to observe more sprouts this week as the weather turns warmer and the seeds have an opportunity to germinate in the warming soil.  

We are also daily moving, sometimes multiple times during the day, the broilers which are nearing processing. They are quickly gaining in size and many of them have likely surpassed the weight and size of the pullets who were hatched about two weeks ahead of them. 

We hope you have a wonderful week – may God bless you always and may your daily sacrifices be honorable to Him. 

– Mathew

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