This has been an amazing and busy season! Wow – we are incredibly humbled by the support we have received and for the continued interest in Little Way Farm and Homestead. 

Here is a brief list of what is happening / recently happened. 

  – Approximately 150 chickens arrived last week. These are meat-chickens who were moved into a larger brooder just the other day and are preparing to be released for 4 – 5 weeks of free ranging prior to processing. Many of these chickens are already sold but we do hope to have some more available for sale in the Autumn. Mathew drove nearly 8 hours to pick up the best source of feed we could find which included a custom mix for Little Way Farm and Homestead. Soy-Free, Non-GMO and Organic ingredients!

– The egg laying flock is now in high production! We have quite a few eggs and can more readily fill egg orders. $6 / dozen, or the Egg Share includes 4 dozen for $20. 

– We have a very small amount of beef left for the season. It is mostly reserved to ground beef at this point. There are a few packages of bones as well. The demand for grass-fed and finished beef is immense and we are going to need to consider how to help meet some more of the demand. The taste of the beef is remarkable and it is absolutely delicious. 

– Two barnyard chicks are now running around the farm! These were chicks that were conceived and birthed naturally on farm. They currently follow a Speckled Sussex hen who has taken on the mothering role for these two chicks. 

– We are planning on adding Icelandic Sheep and Berkshire Hogs to the farm in early Spring. This means that we do expect Pork and Lamb to be available for sale in 2024. We anticipate opening up share options for these as soon as this year. 

– We also have a new Livestock Guardian Dog joining the farm today! 

– The Pumpkin Patch is in full production – green is turning to orange and it is beautiful!

Phew – That was a bit of a list. There is plenty happening as we prepare for Farm Visit Dates. Join the email list for the update on open-farm visits – it is looking like the end of September (Saturday). More details to follow. 

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