So much is happening on the Farm this July and we are looking forward to sharing more with everyone! We have beef coming back to the farm – the first that we have been able to offer – this upcoming week (Week of July 23). This is beef that was born and raised on the farm, consuming grass and forage and fed minerals to support their respective development. We are so excited to have been able to have the beef State-Inspected which allows us to sell individual cuts of beef within the State of Indiana. 

The gardens are overflowing with produce – tomatoes are coming into ripeness, cucumbers are prolific, the potato harvest (homestead) was abundant. This is an exciting time of the year but also a very busy time as it can become a challenge to dedicate time to not just harvesting, but coordinating logistical processing, storage and selling as applicable. 

We are also excited to share that our relationships with customers are continuing to grow. Our email list is growing – our order volume is increasing and we are generally pleased with the trajectory of the farm. It is one of our business hopes that the farm is profitable, first sustaining itself financially and secondly produce a reasonable income so that the farm and be a place for employment and financial stability. 

That brings me to another quick point – we want to be your farm for pasture-raised meat, produce and more. This means that we want to operate in a manner where we can provide you with a significant portion of your dietary expectations. We strive to raise food here at the farm and homestead in a manner that is honorable, produces consistent and delicious products and helps to point everyone towards Heaven. Heaven? Yes – of course! Food is a means by which we can support our bodies to do what it is God calls us to do. Nourish the body not as an ends unto itself, but as a means to glorify God and support yourself to be able to do what He calls you to do!

There is a lot going on here this week. 

I (Mathew) will also be speaking at the Catholic Land Movement conference in Greensburg, IN this year (September) – consider registering and attending. 

We also look forward to showing off the farm to many people this Autumn during order pickups (note – if you want beef, we have quite a line of people already but we may have some more and if you want chicken, please let us know as soon as possible!), or farm visit dates. We hope to announce those soon!

Have a happy and joyful week!

– Mathew

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