We are certainly off to a busy start at Little Way Farm and Homestead in what we refer to as “Year 0.” This year (2023) is largely dedicated towards building infrastructure across the farm, developing an engaging marketing plan, and inviting people to visit the farm. 

Expanding on two of those objectives – building infrastructure across the farm and inviting people to visit the farm: 

Infrastructure includes any development of technology, process or structure that assists us in carrying out the functions of the farm. Key infrastructure being addressed at this time includes livestock management via grazing strategies and fencing. We are very fortunate to have not needed to invest in perimeter fencing as the majority of the property was already fenced. This puts us in a position of needing to mend and repair fencing – which, while time and labor intensive – is nowhere near the capital expense of initial fence installation. There are instances around the farm where we have needed to build fencing, specifically a cattle coral, but the cost-benefit of having perimeter fencing installed prior to our arrival at the farm has been a great help. 

That moves us to considering interior fencing. Interior fencing serves a different purpose than perimeter fencing. Fencing developments along the inside of the perimeter fencing do not serve the primary purpose of keeping livestock contained to the farm, but organizing their respective grazing movements and locations within the farm. This does serve as a secondary protection to ensure the livestock do remain on the farm, but is necessary to the extent that we engage our animals in a grazing strategy, or intend to separate them into different regions of the farm. 

Regarding invitations to visit the farm – we continue to receive requests to visit Little Way Farm and Homestead. This farm is designed to be educational, in addition to providing pasture-raised meat, eggs and produce (CSA Memberships soon to be announced for 2024). If you are interested in visiting prior to the Autumn season (2023) when we intend to host Farm Visit Days, please contact Mathew via phone call or text message at 513-543-0749. We would love to show you around the Farm and invite you to see where and how your food is being produced. 

– Mathew

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