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Farming certainly affords many lessons in discipline. We recently completed the first batch of pasture-raised chicken and much of it was sold even before processing! During the process, we recognized the importance of developing a plan, preparing to carry out that plan and following through. It was exciting to learn a few lessons early on and to put in progress what we hope to be a staple portion of the farm for years to come: pasture-raised, on-farm processed, chicken (and eventually turkey!). 

Another happy note and one that caused us a bit of urgency – with help of our local store owner, we opened up our beehive for the first time this season since installing the nuc. A nuc is a five frame starter hive which includes many bees and the very important queen! In the first year of installing a beehive, it is important to ensure that the bees have developed sufficient honey reserves to feed themselves through the winter. We are pleased to share that the beehive was nearly full and we were able to add another box ontop of the first to provide them with more space to fill out for more honey!

Flowers are beginning to bloom, watermelons are growing quickly, pumpkins are sprouting and the new chickens are beginning to lay eggs! It is a joyous time here at Little Way Farm and Homestead and we look forward to a continued season of abundance and are preparing for the Autumn!

– Mathew


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