How do I find land for homesteading?

This is one of the most challenging barriers to overcome when it comes to homesteading in the modern age. Many people who have become interested in homesteading are entering the realm of the homestead lifestyle from economic circumstances that are not characterized by agricultural ventures. This includes the reality that many people will not have inherited land (ownership), been exposed to people who survive primarily from resources sourced from land, etc. 

To those who are looking for land and finding it either economically unfeasible or simply not available – know that the reality of land ownership is difficult to achieve in the modern western world. In order to find land, and then to acquire land, you might need to sacrifice economic resources, modify your expectations and re-consider what is negotiable in the land you seek. 

Here are a few practical things you can do to help identify land to purchase, or even to rent. 

1.) Utilize GIS Maps for the particular geographic location you are interested in. If the GIS Map tool has a way to review the information in a list form that can be exported, you can look for variations between the property address and the mailing address of the owner. Consider sending letters to those with different mailing addresses from the property address as it might be that the property owner does not live at the property and is renting it out for agricultural purposes. 

2.) Take time to drive through regions you are interested in moving to. While this is time intensive, and requires an investment in fuel for the vehicle, sometimes you will find land for sale that is not posted online. 

3.) Become familiar with people who live in a rural location you might be interested in moving to. Let anyone you can know that you are looking for land and are willing to move. Get in touch with those people occasionally and ask if they are aware of any land for sale. As an example, sometimes we become aware of land and housing available for sale near us prior to it becoming publicly available. 

This is not a complete list but it is hopefully a start. You can always use online search tools for real estate. The challenge with these, is that they are often going to present circumstances with the highest pricing and the most competition. Be creative and challenge yourself to not settle for receiving information about land for sale, but be willing to ask for land sales, seek out people who might be interested in selling land and be prepared to network with others who might be in a region where you might be interested in moving to. 

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