Question: How to Start Homesteading?

Beginning homesteading, or at least interest in the homesteading lifestyle, prompts the question – how do I get started? 

We recommend people get started right where they are. This means not waiting for a perfect land-setup, financial situation or otherwise to begin taking intentional steps to develop the skills that help someone thrive in homesteading. It is also a good idea to consider that homesteading involves a set of intentional decisions. on a scale related to self-sufficiency and agricultural involvement. For example, you can begin baking bread, creating bone broth and more with little change to your grocery habits. Sometimes, this is even more important as it affords an opportunity to learn some of the skills that can be integral in a fulfilling homesteading lifestyle where more of your activities are oriented towards supporting a lifestyle that is actively reducing dependency on supply chains and resources not generated from where you live. 

To summarize – begin by learning and developing skills where you are. Do not wait! Most importantly, do so while committing to a prayer life within your home. 

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