How to Make Money from a Homestead?

For a deeper consideration about making money from a homestead, check out our podcast episode discussing the topic: Does Your Homestead Need to Make Money?

An important consideration for what might be profitable, or at least revenue-generating from a homestead, is what can be produced to generate revenue and what you will follow-through with. For example, if you advertise raising pasture-raised chicken and then are unable to fulfill the orders, this could damage your brand reputation – yes, we all have some degree of a brand and it is often our reputation. 

So, presuming you are interested in making money using the homestead, what are some ways to do so?

Below, with minimal context, we will list a few ideas. If you have questions about any, send us an email at

Selling Eggs (Chicken, Quail, Duck, Turkey or other)

Raising and Selling Pasture-Raised Chicken

Selling Homestead Animals (Cattle, Chickens, Goats and More)

Selling Plant Seeds

Selling Rootstock 

Raising baby chicks to pullets or older as a service

Animal-Sitting, such as having a neighbor’s bull graze your land)

Grow and Sell Heirloom Produce

Offer Homestead Tours

Create and Sell Homestead Courses

Harvest and Sell Firewood

Forage for wild plants and sell the cuttings 

Make and sell crafts using materials from the homestead (natural fibers, leaves, etc.)

Harvest and sell wool

Create clothing from natural fibers harvested from the homestead

Raise seasonal produce that is sold for cultural and culinary reasons (e.g., pumpkins in the autumn)

This is just a list to help start the conversation. There are many ways to make money from a homestead. It is always important to consider whether doing so is a good way of supporting the homestead. Sometimes, a good way of considering how money made from the homestead can be incorporated into the homestead financial strategy is by not focusing only on profit, but on how money made from the homestead can offset costs associated with activities you would already be doing. For example, selling excess chicken eggs could offset chicken feed costs. 

Let us know if you have any other good ways to make money from the homestead!

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