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Shawn and Beth Dougherty might be considered experts in the realm of agriculture. Their name is nearly ubiquitous amongst those interested in the homesteading and smalls-scale farming lifestyle. 

Shawn and Beth are prolific contributors to the education of homesteaders and small-scale farmers. They are often featured guests at conferences (2023 Homesteaders of America, 2023 Indiana Homesteading Conference,) instruct students of the School for Traditional Skills, are authors (The Independent Farmstead), and also maintain the One Cow Revolution Website. Additionally, you can find their work and presence through various podcasts, interviews and more. 

Written Biography for the Episode:

Shawn and Beth Dougherty have been farming together since the 1980’s

Using intensive grazing as the primary source of food energy, the Doughertys raise dairy and beef cows, sheep, farm-fed hogs, and a variety of poultry, producing most of the food, and feed, on the farm.  Their ongoing project is to identify and test the potential for operating a farm and homestead with minimal off-farm inputs.

They are the authors of The Independent Farmstead, actively contribute to Plain Value magazine, have written for Mother Earth News, Hobby Farms and more. They have been featured in various interviews, podcasts, and conferences

Shawn and Beth promote an outline of farming and homesteading that is inspiring to us as we consider the ways we engage in a stewardship model which considers homesteading, farming and the Catholic Faith.

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Other Notes:

Did you know that Shawn and Beth Dougherty were featured on Justin Rhode’s Great America Farm Tour. Take a look at the episode, “I Spent a Day on a Monastery Farm.” You can also find a discussion with them on New Polity titled, “Good Soil: Why You Should Garden.” 

We are excited to bring you this episode with Shawn and Beth Dougherty as a production of Little Way Farm and Homestead. Please consider leaving a review for the podcast encouraging others to listen as well. 

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