On Food, Culture and the Catholic Faith

A Little Way Farm and Homestead Podcast interview with Brandon Sheard (Farmstead Meatsmith) and Ross McKnight (Backwater Foie Gras). 

One of the great experiences in life is that of conversing with experts and professionals in their respective field. In this interview, I had the privilege of interviewing Brandon Sheard and Ross McKnight, together. This episode was recorded just a few weeks prior to a training hosted by Ross and Brandon, presented at Backwater Foie Gras in Louisiana, IL, entitled, The Art of Foie Gras.

These interviews are unique in that we are able to discuss not only the practical elements of farming, homesteading, food production, and culinary preparations, but of the Catholic Faith. Some listeners might find this to be nuanced and unique. One insight I would provide is that all that we do can be used to honor and glorify God. It is often the most simple of tasks which can help to cultivate virtue and a heroic disposition towards the reception of Grace. 

Food is no different – in all elements of the process. From planting seeds to harvesting, there is an attention to detail and an alignment of one’s will that can render that which is for sustenance, into an act of humility and charity. 

I think of this in some ways as I reflect on the winter months we are in now at the time of this writing (January, 2024). The ground is frozen here in Southeastern, IN, the weather is bitter, snow in on the forecast and the abundance of food has waned from the warmer months – and yet, we still persist in preparing for the upcoming season and reflecting on the prior. 

The continued passage of seasons is a poignant reminder of the order that God has created. 

This interview is inspiring. Not simply because of the potential to encourage someone to begin raising their own meat and produce, or to consider farming or otherwise productive labor, but because it highlights the potential for time well spent, at work, and in celebration, in honor of God. 

– Mathew

Little Way Farm and Homestead Show Notes

Guest Notes:

Ross McKnight of Backwater Foie Gras offers courses to help instruct people in homesteading and farming methods. Be sure to consider joining Ross and team at Backwater Foie Gras during an in-person course including the upcoming Art of Foie Gras at https://backwaterfoiegras.com/foiegrasclass.

Check out the Backwater Foie Gras website at: https://backwaterfoiegras.com/

Brandon Sheard of Farmstead Meatsmith is known for his excellent demonstrations and training in animal butchering. You can find information about upcoming, on-farm courses at the Farmstead Meatsmith Website: https://farmsteadmeatsmith.com/.

Upcoming Farmstead Meatsmith Events: https://farmsteadmeatsmith.com/upcoming-classes/

Additional Notes:

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