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Welcome to another episode of the Little Way Farm and Homestead Podcast! Today we are honored to have a genuine conversation between close friends of ours – Mike and Frances. 

Mike and Frances are one of the first families to welcome us into the homesteading lifestyle. It was at their house that we learned how to process chickens. I still remember running around the front yard trying to catch those Cornish cross. Not only that, but Mike and Frances continue to inspire us in their commitment to live a life characterized by the Catholic Faith, even when times are challenging. 

Together they have seven children and live a homesteading lifestyle. Their home is surrounded by goats, chickens, rabbits and a garden. And it is clear that they are committed to growing in holiness and building a homestead where the Catholic Faith is evident.

This recording was conducted months prior to its release, at Little Way Farm and Homestead when both of our families spent time with one another. You will hear the sounds of children playing in the background and the general chatter of many people gathered under one roof. This is a unique insight, via the podcast, into the joy and realties of bringing together growing Catholic families. 

We hope this conversation is inspiring to you. We love our Catholic faith. Its place within our farm and homestead is foundational as we hope it is in yours. Let’s get into the episode.


02:15: Introduction to Mike and Frances. Living in 800sq ft and a barn!

03:00: More about Building in and living in a Post-Frame building

04:30: Talking about the Catholic Faith in the home

07:50: Inviting a priest to dinner

09:25: Discussing religious life with your children.

11:55: How do you promote the joy of the Catholic faith in the home?

14:35: Promoting peace, joy and happiness in the home

19:00 Mercy & Justice

20:25: Traditions, Saints and More – The Catholic Faith in the Home

22:32: Real Estate for Life – Realestateforlfe.org – let them Little Way Farm and Homestead sent you!

23:18: Catholic Faith and the Land – Homesteading

24:23: Catholic Homesteading – What is different than just homesteading?

29:18: Weaknesses

30:45: Community, supporting on another on the journey to Heaven

33:15: How to get started building a homestead inspired by the Catholic faith

36:35: Happy Thoughts and Encouraged about Marriage

Show Notes:

Real Estate for Life is a real estate brokerage with over 1,400 Prolife Real Estate Agents worldwide. They have completed over 10,000 real estate transactions and they report 65% of their revenue goes to a Prolife or Catholic Apostolate. You can quickly find an agent near you through their website at Realestateforlife.org And if you let them know that you learned about Real Estate for Life from Little Way Farm and Homestead, that helps support our family in continuing the work of Little Way Farm and Homestead. Now, back to the episode.

Link: Realestateforlife.org

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