Welcome to My Catholic Homestead and the My Catholic Homestead Podcast. 

Welcome to the My Catholic Homestead Podcast! This is the first episode for My Catholic Homestead. 

This episode began not only the My Catholic Homestead Podcast, but also was the beginning of My Catholic Homestead as a brand and business. We are very excited to have the opportunity to build out this venture as the premiere source of Catholic Homesteading information. We hope to create a space that is inviting, wholesome, inspiring and supportive of the Catholic Homesteading lifestyle. This is not a space to simply learn about how to develop agrarian lifestyle skills, but how to do so with the proper orientation towards Heaven. 


During this inaugural episode of the My Catholic Homestead Podcast, you will be introduced to Mathew and Carissa. You will hear about their story – moving from the city to the country, including the steps along the way and the breadcrumbs of homesteading throughout their journey. This episode may serve as a point of inspiration – if you feel the prompting to homesteading, you do not need to abandon the city (though you may be interested and called to pursue greater land ownership opportunities), but you can begin your homestead right where you – wherever you are. 

Catholic Homestead is different than simple homesteading. To be clear – homesteading in and of itself is not simple as it requires enormous degrees of knowledge and expertise to be successful. Catholic Homesteading, however, is different. Catholic Homesteading involves the living out of the Catholic Faith, through the intentional decisions and practices, that are often shaped by lifestyle practices typically caricatured against country landscapes. The reality though is that you can bring that intentionality into your home right now and doing so opens the door, wherever you are, to homesteading – which ultimately is a means to further grow in relationship with Christ. 

We are excited for you to join us whether you are simply listening to the My Catholic Homestead Podcast or you are interested in partnering with My Catholic Homestead’s services. This is the beginning of what we believe is a journey and we are excited for you to join us. 

Welcome to My Catholic Homestead and the My Catholic Homestead Podcast. 

– Mathew

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