Welcome to the Little Way Farm and Homestead Podcast! This is the write up for Episode 4 – Misconceptions About Homesteading.

The very imagery of homesteading can present with particular visual which may involve various misconceptions about the homesteading lifestyle. One of the most important aspects of homesteading is that, while there might be common interests and pursuits, the manner in which much of the homestead operates will vary between person, family and community. Therefore, what might be popularly understood as characteristic of the homestead lifestyle might in fact be nothing more than a caricature. 

Here are ten misconceptions we find are reasonable and are presented with some degree of regularity:

1.) Homesteads require a lot of land

2.) Homesteads must be off-grid

3.) Homesteading involves late nights and early mornings

4.) Your homestead must look like one you’ve seen on social media

5.) You must be self-sufficient

6.) Homesteads need to be in a remote location

7.) Homesteads are disorganized and cluttered

8.) Homestead land does not smell pleasing

9.) Homesteading is lonely and your children will be unprepared to live in the world

10.) Homesteading means you must homeschool

Listen along in the Podcast Episode as we address each of these misconceptions. If any of these thoughts are holding you back from the homestead lifestyle, we would love to address your questions or concerns – send us an email

Did we miss a misconception you want addressed? Let us know – there are plenty out there. Some may be more grounded in homestead related lifestyle choices, practicalities or simply may just be not very accurate as we understand and live the homestead lifestyle. 

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