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Eric and Suzan Sammons are the parents of seven children. Suzan is the author of The Stations of the Cross in Slow Motion: A Daily Devotion for Lent which will be available through Sophia Institute Press in January of 2024) She is a homeschooling mother and editor of several Catholic publications and has published numerous articles in Catholic outlets on topics including child-rearing and education, the dignity of the unborn, holistic health, and Catholic spirituality.

Eric Sammons is the Editor-in-Chief of Crisis Magazine and the author of eight books, including Deadly Indifference: How the Church Lost Her Mission and How We Can Reclaim It. Together, they wrote The Jesse Tree: An Advent Devotion.

This episode reminds us of the importance of consciously striving to build a home that supports the flourishing of the Catholic faith, in the home, on the homestead, and everywhere. We are excited to bring you this episode as a production of Little Way Farm and Homestead and hope you find it as inspiring as we do.

Other Notes:

Crisis Magazine: https://crisismagazine.com/

Purchase the Jesse Tree: An Advent Devotion by Eric and Suzan Sammons at: https://sophiainstitute.com/product/the-jesse-tree/

More from Eric Sammons, including links to his books: https://ericsammons.com/


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