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The Little Way Farm and Homestead is hosted by Mathew and Carissa Winters. The podcast focuses on the topics of small-scall farming, homesteading and the Catholic Faith. 

The Little Way Farm and Homestead Podcast began in August of 2023 and is now downloaded throughout the world. We are encouraged knowing that this podcast may serve as a source of good, wholesome information and entertainment. 

Podcast episodes include conversations between Mathew and Carissa, guests and experts in the topics of small-scale farming and homesteading, guests who share their experiences with the Catholic faith and more. 

We are glad to bring these episode to you weekly. Feel welcomed to contact us at, or by visiting our Contact Page.

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Recent Podcast Episodes

Ross & Dorothy McKnight, of Backwater Foie Gras, are an inspiration and pioneering Catholic couple. They have built a reputable farming business without a background in farming or homesteading. This was an exciting interview where we learned about Foie Gras, the McKnight’s journey to farming and manners in which the Catholic Faith can be unpacked on the homestead. 
On this episode we had an opportunity to meet with Brandon and Lauren Sheard of Farmstead Meatsmith. This was a great conversation that was insightful to us as we consider how to be better stewards, not just of animals while they are alive, but of the proper use and end of meat in our farm and homestead. Brandon and Lauren share about homesteading, proper ordering and much more.
This discussion included Mathew (Little Way Farm and Homestead) and Dr. Doug Darnowski of Sts. Therese and Isidore Farm College. The discussion covered an array of topics pertaining to growing plants and plant biology. This interview is fast-paced and opens the opportunity for consideration of how to best plan, cultivate and harvest crops for homesteading. There is much to learn when it comes to homesteading, farming and generally, the cultivation of crops for sustenance and revenue. This conversation with Dr. Doug Darnowski was a reminder of the importance of intentionally seeking out opportunities to learn and develop a deeper understanding of plant biology. Learning about plant biology and the impacts we can have on the Earth, from a stewardship perspective, is inspirational as it helps us further understand the beautiful design that God has imparted into His Creation. 
One of the great experiences in life is that of conversing with experts and professionals in their respective field. In this interview, I had the privilege of interviewing Brandon Sheard and Ross McKnight, together. This episode was recorded just a few weeks prior to a training hosted by Ross and Brandon, presented at Backwater Foie Gras in Louisiana, IL, entitled, The Art of Foie Gras.
On this episode of the Little Way Farm and Homestead Podcast, Mathew and Carissa share their excitement for the upcoming Springtime growing season. During this episode they discuss things to consider when preparing to plant seeds for the springtime, helpful tips from their own experiences at the farm and more. There is so much to consider when beginning a garden and considering growing some of your own food that it is imperative we take time to consider what we want to grow, how we want to use what is grown, and schedule the planting, growing and harvesting tasks so that we can be successful and have an enjoyable experience.
On this episode, I had a solo-interview with Suzan Sammons, author of The Stations of the Cross in Slow Motion, A Daily Devotion for Lent. This is a powerful interview that reminds me of the importance of building a homestead on the proper foundation – prayer and the Sacraments.  Like any other pursuit in life, the development of a productive homestead is truly lacking if it is not characterized by a strong presence of prayer. Suzan discusses her new book, but also provides great insight into prayer in the home, fasting, and commentary on some of our historical practices concerning Lent. This is an interview that I hope you find encouraging and inspiring as we prepare for the upcoming Lenten Season.