Animal Harvesting, Discipline In Abundance And Domestic Order

Episode Summary

On this episode we had an opportunity to meet with Brandon and Lauren Sheard of Farmstead Meatsmith. This was a great conversation that was insightful to us as we consider how to be better stewards, not just of animals while they are alive, but of the proper use and end of meat in our farm and homestead. Brandon and Lauren share about homesteading, proper ordering and much more.

About The Guest

Brandon Sheard came into traditional livestock harvesting after studying Shakespeare in graduate school. With no experience in butchery or agriculture, he quit his job at Whole Foods Market, and started work on a small, multi-species and pasture-based farm in the Pacific Northwest. After two years of working on the farm and managing the butcher shop, Brandon left and started Farmstead Meatsmith with his wife Lauren who had journeyed with him from academia to agriculture. Today the Sheards live in northeastern Oklahoma with their nine children, teaching the art of animal harvesting and provisioning on the domestic scale. You can learn the craft of artful slaughter at where they host the Meatsmith Membership and post a full calendar of undiluted, hands-on classes in animal harvesting according to the traditions of the peasant home.

Takeaways from the Episode

This interview has significantly impacted our family at Little Way Farm and Homestead. The conversation is light-hearted and yet full of difficult realities congruently. There is a rightful order to a household and homestead that affords an environment which is conducive to raising children, fostering a low-stress and regular experience while also promoting virtue and joy. Moving out to a rural location and beginning a homestead can be daunting. Not only is it often a harsh reality in learning what productive labor really can be, but there is a mentality that is difficult to explain unless it is experienced. Relationship to food and its production becomes different from prior expectations of shopping in a grocery store; the need for ordering the household such that prayer is a priority and sustenance is accounted for and more becomes critical. This interview is inspiring, and it is challenging. We are honored to have been able to have this conversation with Brandon and Lauren Sheard of Farmstead Meatsmith, and we appreciate their willingness to present these topics in an accessible and honest manner.

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Brandon and Lauren Sheard (Farmstead Meatsmith)

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