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Ross & Dorothy McKnight, of Backwater Foie Gras, are an inspiration and pioneering Catholic couple. They have built a reputable farming business without a background in farming or homesteading. This was an exciting interview where we learned about Foie Gras, the McKnight's journey to farming and manners in which the Catholic Faith can be unpacked on the homestead. 

About The Guest

Backwater Foie Gras offers courses to help instruct people in homesteading and farming methods. Be sure to consider joining Ross and team at Backwater Foie Gras during an in-person course including the Art of Foie Gras class offered in Louisiana.

Takeaways from the Episode

The Mcknight's interview is one that echoes many themes in our own lives - that a lifestyle firstly inspired by the Catholic Faith, is good. This conversation reminds us that raising children on a homestead is beneficial and that a life in pursuit of Heaven is always worth living. We are inspired by this interview, and not just about our newfound understanding of Foie Gras, but about the need for perseverance and continually striving to respond to God. 

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Ross and Dorothy McKnight

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