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Episode Summary

This discussion included Mathew (Little Way Farm and Homestead) and Dr. Doug Darnowski of Sts. Therese and Isidore Farm College. The discussion covered an array of topics pertaining to growing plants and plant biology. This interview is fast-paced and opens the opportunity for consideration of how to best plan, cultivate and harvest crops for homesteading. There is much to learn when it comes to homesteading, farming and generally, the cultivation of crops for sustenance and revenue. This conversation with Dr. Doug Darnowski was a reminder of the importance of intentionally seeking out opportunities to learn and develop a deeper understanding of plant biology. Learning about plant biology and the impacts we can have on the Earth, from a stewardship perspective, is inspirational as it helps us further understand the beautiful design that God has imparted into His Creation. 

About The Guest

Doug Darnowski’s greatest joy is having a wonderful Catholic wife and 15 children. He has a BS from Yale in Biology and PhD from Cornell in Plant Biology and has been raising animals and crops for over 20 years. He and his wife founded Sts Therese and Isidore Farm College ( to teach the Faith, traditional farm trade topics, and basic academics in-person and online.

Takeaways from the Episode

This is one of those interviews where the more you think you know, the more you realize you have much more to learn. Dr. Doug Darnowski demonstrates an enormous knowledge and has a tact for presenting that information in an efficient and engaging manner. One of the great things about homesteading, gardening, farming and otherwise engaging in agricultural ventures, is that there is a significant amount of information to learn, but there is also an element of putting that information into practice which allows for a degree of creativity and productivity which are encouraging and inviting. While we continue to learn more about planting practices and various cultivars, it is continually important that people be willing to consider the information they are presented with and strive to implement that knowledge into practices that are convenient and possible where we are growing.

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