Preparing the Homestead for Spring

Planting, Gardening and More with Mathew and Carissa Winters

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On this episode of the Little Way Farm and Homestead Podcast, Mathew and Carissa share their excitement for the upcoming Springtime growing season. During this episode they discuss things to consider when preparing to plant seeds for the springtime, helpful tips from their own experiences at the farm and more. There is so much to consider when beginning a garden and considering growing some of your own food that it is imperative we take time to consider what we want to grow, how we want to use what is grown, and schedule the planting, growing and harvesting tasks so that we can be successful and have an enjoyable experience.

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This episode featured an in-house conversation between Mathew and Carissa Winters of Little Way Farm and Homestead. If you're interested in learning more about Little Way Farm and Homestead, including the Farm, Podcast and more, please visit,

Takeaways from the Episode

For many people considering beginning a garden, the upcoming springtime can be intimidating. There are various practices and methods to beginning a garden and preparing a homestead (whatever size it might be) for the spring - but ultimately much of the success or failure can be attributed to planning and organization. It is difficult to consider how much someone might want to grow, especially if the intention is to provide for one's self or a family's sustenance. However, with planning, it can be done and can even be an enjoyable and pleasant experience. We encourage people to begin by assessing what you want to eat, not necessarily only what you think might be interesting to grow. Do you want to make tomato-based pasta sauce? Are you interested in making a pesto? If you take time to consider what you want to include in your homestead, then it becomes easier to work backwards and think, "how much of this particular plant will I need to plant to make how much of this recipe I want?" You can do this - consider a quick internet search to identify what growing zone you are planting within and make a list of what you want to use in your kitchen, home and around the homestead today. Remember, proper planning and starting early gives you plenty of opportunity to revise and adapt to circumstances as they arrive.

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