The Stations of the Cross in Slow Motion

Preparing the Homestead for Lent with Suzan Sammons

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On this episode, I had a solo-interview with Suzan Sammons, author of The Stations of the Cross in Slow Motion, A Daily Devotion for Lent. This is a powerful interview that reminds me of the importance of building a homestead on the proper foundation - prayer and the Sacraments.  Like any other pursuit in life, the development of a productive homestead is truly lacking if it is not characterized by a strong presence of prayer. Suzan discusses her new book, but also provides great insight into prayer in the home, fasting, and commentary on some of our historical practices concerning Lent. This is an interview that I hope you find encouraging and inspiring as we prepare for the upcoming Lenten Season.

About The Guest

Suzan is the author of The Stations of the Cross in Slow Motion: A Daily Devotion for Lent (Sophia Institute Press, Jan. 2024) She is a homeschooling mother and editor of several Catholic publications and has published numerous articles in Catholic outlets on topics including child-rearing and education, the dignity of the unborn, holistic health, and Catholic spirituality.

Takeaways from the Episode

One of the most important components of building a strong homestead is the inclusion of a routine of prayer. One of the most iconic liturgical seasons of the Catholic faith is that of Lent. The season calls to mind and attention the need for repentance, penance, fasting and abstinence. The season also generally aligns with the fading away of winter and the emergence of springtime as we look forward to Easter. Suzan shares great insights into the history of the Stations of the Cross while highlighting her recent publication - The Stations of the Cross in Slow Motion. This interview reminds us of the need to slow down and consider the ways in which we are incorporating, intentionally, a respect for liturgical traditions in our homesteads.

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