Soy-Free, Pasture-Raised Chicken


Pasture-Raised and Free-Range Whole Chicken. Raised 100% Soy-Free, Non-GMO and Organic Feed. Pickup and Delivery available.

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Free-Range Pasture-Raised Chicken. Our chicken is raised outside on pasture where they have access to forage, bugs and sunlight. If you have not visited Little Way Farm and Homestead in-person, we encourage you to do so to see exactly how the chicken is raised!

Our Free-Range and Pasture-Raised Chicken is a fed a custom-blended organic feed. Our custom-feed is soy-free, non-gmo and utilizes only organic-certified ingredients.

What is a custom-blended feed? Custom-Feed means that we are actively engaged in modifying and refining the feed included in our pasture-raised chicken’s diet. We do do not settle for standard available poultry feeds. We scrutinize the feed we offer our chicken so that we ensure we are producing a chicken that is nutritious and delicious. We either mix our feed on-site or through a trusted feed-mill.

Free-Range means that the chickens are able to move about the pasture regardless of the time of day.

Additional Considerations:

– Vaccinations? No

– Given Hormonal Supplements? No

– Fed Soy or Soybean variations? No

– Free Range? Yes

If you are finding that chicken is unavailable, please consider placing a pre-order.  Pre-Orders are fulfilled before individual orders are made public. Pre-Orders may be made for a seasonal batch of chicken (Spring and Autumn), or for a calendar year. Based on the demand for pasture-raised, soy-free and organic fed poultry, we strongly encourage pre-ordering chicken to ensure you and/or your family has access to nutritious and delicious meat, year-round.

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