One of the great treasures of Catholicism is the codification of the liturgical life. The liturgical life centers around the liturgical activities of the Catholic faith, including celebrations of those who have lived exemplary lives of faith and have become recognized as Saints, seasonal expressions within the faith life and reminders of the life of Christ (amongst others). This liturgical life enacts a sense of faith-meets-Earth grounding that appropriately roots our life amongst the seasons in the way that seeds become planted in the Spring, flourish in the summer-autumn and become dormant in the Winter. 

Spring has arrived and the signs are clear – birds chirping, gnats silently floating about, vibrancy of the “green” color painted elegantly and profusely across the grass and forests, buds appearing and more. The signs are clear – Spring is here. And those signs resonate with the greater event that has and is being celebrated – Christ is risen. Easter is here. Alleluia. Alleluia. Alleluia. 

The signs of Spring are here – Christ is Risen!

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