Welcome to 2024 with Little Way Farm and Homestead!

From all of us at Little Way Farm and Homestead – Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

There is so much to be hopeful and excited for in 2024. We are very thankful to all of our customers who have chosen to trust us to provide them with delicious and nutritious meat and produce in 2023. We have much more coming in 2024 and things are beginning to happen quickly! We also want to say thank you to the continued support we have received from friends, family and those around the world who have chosen to listen to us, follow along with our farm and homestead journey, met us at a conference on or off the farm, have sent emails and more – we sincerely appreciate your support and your prayers. 

What Can We Look Forward to in 2024?

Already we have received numerous inquiries for pasture-raised meat. We will have an expected 3 – 4 Cattle Shares available near the end of the year. We are currently operating with a total of ten cattle (primarily beef). We are hoping to add at least one more dairy cow to the mix in the year as well. 

We expect Pasture-Raised Chicken to be back in stock beginning in May. We are placing orders for chicks this week and are already excited to welcome more to the farm. We are nearly doubling production this year for Chicken to meet demand. If you want to see how we process chickens, be sure to check out our Events Page and join our Email List

New Additions to the Farm

One of the great things about the Farm and Homestead is that it is still growing! This year we expect to add Sheep and Pigs in late Winter / Early Spring. We are adding at least one more commercial garden this year as we continue to grow more Garlic. Did you know we grow garlic commercially? I wrote an article in 2023 about how to grow garlic and, if you want to purchase garlic for planting (Seed) or for culinary use, let us know quickly

Events and More!

We are finalizing plans this week for on-farm events throughout the 2024 year. As a teaching farm, we look forward to inviting others to visit us for tours, educational experiences and more. We are particularly excited to help inspire others and teach agricultural skills that can help you and your family raise more of your own food. Or, if you simply want to experience farm life and allow your family to be immersed in the homesteading experience – we welcome you as well! Last year we hosted a Back to Land Conference with workshops, speakers and more. The conference garnered an audience from various states and was a lot of fun! This year, we have something quite larger being planned. So, if you want to be alerted when we make that announcement, please join the email list above!

More Podcast! More Content!

We are incredibly thankful to the response we have received pertaining to the Little Way Farm and Homestead Podcast. The continued interest and spread of downloads across the world is humbling and exciting. If you know someone you think should be included on our interview list, please Contact Us and let us know! There will be more guests and more episodes coming weekly throughout 2024. 

We Look Forward to Meeting You.

There is so much more that could be said as we look forward to what is to come in 2024 at Little Way Farm and Homestead. Ultimately – we hope that this venture glorifies God and helps to inspire you as well, to know, serve and love Him. We are so fortunate to have our Catholic Faith to guide and prompt us to submit to His Will. We are ecstatic for this year and we hope that we have an opportunity to meet more customers, new friends and continue to build on those already established. 

Please send us an introductory note, an email, a thought or suggestion, let us know what meats you might be interested in – email us at hello@littlewayhomestead.com, or check out our Contact Page.

– Mathew & the Winters Family.

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