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Welcome to Little Way Farm and Homestead!

We are a family-owned and operated farm in Southeastern Indiana. Spring 2023 is our first year in production (as Little Way Farm and Homestead) and we are so excited to meet you!
We are owned and operated by Mathew and Carissa Winters. Agricultural practices that honor God and support a virtuous lifestyle are passions of ours – we hope you find that the manner in which we raise and treat our animals, grow our produce and develop value-added farm products to be inspiring.
In April of 2023 we will begin to offer produce for sale – we will likely open a small amount of Community Shared Agriculture (CSA) memberships. If you are interested in farm-fresh seasonal produce that is grown without synthetic fertilizers and only includes non-gmo, open-pollinated and/or heirloom seed varieties – please reach out to us soon to secure your spot.
In May of 2023 we expect to have a small batch of pasture-raised chicken for sale. These chicken (also referred to as broilers) will be fed a diet including fresh pasture and supplemental non-gmo, soy-free, organic feed. It can be very difficult to find chicken raised in this manner so please let us know soon if you would like to reserve a few! We will continue to raise broilers into the Autumn season but we encourage you to reserve what you would like to order due to demand.
We are very excited to invite you to join us this year on farm, at Little Way Farm and Homestead. Dates for farm-visits will be announced in the Spring of 2023.
Lastly – thank you for choosing to follow along with us as we begin this journey. We know there are many places you can choose to purchase fresh and healthy food – we look forward to supporting our community, near and far, and to meeting you soon!

Update: The farm is operating and growing quickly! We now run the Little Way Farm and Homestead Podcast and the Farm is open and operational! For an updated announcement, check out this 2024 Update.
Mathew & Carissa Winters

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